Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas for kids?
Who would have thunk it?
Vegas is one of my favorite family stops great for a weekend get away when a couple days is all you have and you don't want to explore the local Holiday Inn.
Top  5 things to do and see in vegas for families.
1. Coke World
2. M&M's World (right next to Coke World)

3. Excaliber Arcade
4. Silvertons Aquarium
5. Ethel M. Chocolate factory

The sculptures are made entirely out of chocolate

At the chocolate factory you will get to see the real art of chocolate.
So if Vegas is just your weekend getaway or if it is your pit stop to your vacation it is a great place to go with kids.  Keep in mind after 9:00 pm Vegas turns to a wild adult world not sutible for children even the best hotels for kids turn into strip clubs at night.  Vegas is one of my top 10 places to get away simply because of the vegas *wow* and price.  Book directly with your favorite hotel chain or get a great price on a room at the Excaliber by booking directly with the hotel.  I love the excalibur because of the location and prices.  Food is also reasonable every casino has there own specials or buffets many hotels when you book directly with them will give you a 2 for 1 at there buffet. 
Great theamed resturants.  Keep in mind Breakfast and Lunch can be combined to enjoy a fun brunch.

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